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Our restaurant is part of Šibenik's gastronomic heritage


In 1850, Šibenik saw the opening of a steam mill, the first of its kind in Dalmatia. Owned by the Italian, Giovanni Montanari, this mill was the largest industrial facility in Šibenik during the 1850s.


This facility would later be expanded based on plans from 1868. Entrepreneur Montanari invested in purchasing the garden with economic buildings of the abandoned Dominican monastery by the sea for the factory expansion and the construction of an impressive residential building.


Travel logs and chronicles mention that in 1875, a ceremony for the political and military elite was hosted in his luxurious salon on the second floor during the visit of Emperor Franz Joseph I to Šibenik.


According to preserved plans, the expanded Montanari factory by the sea was a large complex comprising seven buildings. The central building was the largest and used for residence, accessed directly from the shore. The production complex was inward-looking and was accessed from the east via an internal road where horse-drawn carts laden with grain approached. During unloading, horses were stabled. The ground floor housed the production facility with a prominent steam engine, powering a press, i.e., round stone blocks for grain grinding. The complex also had two boilers used in pasta production.

In the same place, in the oldest part of our town, near the Šibenik cathedral, you're warmly invited to join us at the beginning of our story...